Gilles FABRE

Lead Developer

JavaScript & TypeScript environments

Welcome on my portfolio !

I love problems which allow me to imagine creative solutions. I like to work on long-term projects, in webapps development or in the R&D domain. My speciality is JavaScript & TypeScript language and frameworks like Angular or React Native, and my first concern is code quality.

I am also the main author of the open-source framework Genese Complexity, which analyzes the difficulty of code comprehension of code snippets in JavaScript, TypeScript and Java.

I am available on Montpellier.

I was first the founder and the CEO of a company based in south of France. During this period, I developed our own webapp in PhP/MySql. In 2017, I became the CTO of a french start-up in Montpellier. Our product was based on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJs).

Since september 2018, I work as Lead Developer / Architect in CapGemini Engineering. I develop Angular and React Native apps for large companies (Airbus Helicopters, Naval Group, Sanofi, ...), and I work also on Research & Development projects in quality code analysis.

Languages & FrameWorks

Is language the adequate expression of all realities ? - Nietzsche


React Native





Databases & Architecture

Data modeling

Software architecture












My qualities

For let a man, as most men do, rate themselves at the highest value they can, yet their true value is no more than it is esteemed by others. - Thomas Hobbes


Career path

Life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future - Seneca

Professional background

2018 -

Lead Developer / Architect

Frontend lead developer / architect for large industrial projects & research projects.

Technologies :

Angular / React Native / TypeScript / NodeJs

Tools :

SonarQube / Genese Complexity / Jest / Jasmine

Team :

Large company (Altran / CapGemini)

2017 - 2018

CTO / Lead Developer

CTO of a french start-up specialized in data-mining.

Technologies :

MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular 2, NodeJs)

Libraries :

d3.js / dc.js / Crossfilter

Team :

Small company (4 developers)


Android / iOs training

Three months training on webapps development on native Android and iOs.

Languages :

Java, Swift, Javascript

Environments :

Android Studio, Xcode, Cordova

2000 - 2015
1994 - 2015

CEO & PhP / MySql developer

Creation of the company Pythagore France, specialized on private lessons and continuing education, on national scale.

Creation of group subsidiaries in Nîmes, Avignon, Aix en Provence and Toulouse

Creation, maintenance and updates of the website and the webapp of the company.

1998 - 2000

Mathematics teacher

Certified maths teacher in National Education

Project details


React Native Developer for Bleu Libellule

Technical environment : React Native

Context : Development of an e-commerce mobile app for clients and shop owners of the Bleu Libellule group

Workforce : 4 developers

Duration : 1er january 2022 – today (integrated in the team during the project)


Flutter Developer for the Fabre Museum

Technical environment : Flutter

Context : Development of an augmented reality mobile app for painting recognition

Workforce : 4 developers

Duration : 2 months (integrated in the team during the project)


Research in software maintainability

Technical environment : TypeScript (static code analysis)

Context : Development of quality tools in the aim to measure the maintainability of softwares

Duration : 1 year


Architect for CapGemini

Technical environment : TypeScript (static code analysis)

Context : Development of a new feature for the open-source module Genese Complexity developed previously by myself (adaptation to Java)

Role : Obtention of a budget from the R&D department of CapGemini & Technical direction of the project

Workforce : 4 developers

Duration : 6 months


Architect for Naval Group

Technical environment : Angular 10

Context : Cyber defense webapp embedded in submarines and frigates

Role : Response to build solicitation, technical presentation to the client, technical lead of the developers during all of the project. Presentation of the quality code analysis to the client each end of sprint with multiple tools like SonarQube or my own tool Genese Complexity

Workforce : 4 developers

Duration : 6 months


Author of the Genese Complexity module (open-source project)

Technical environment : Static code analysis in TypeScript

Context : Personally developed an open-source module (@genese/complexity) which analyses the cognitive complexity of the code of a given project (written in JavaScript or TypeScript). This module allows to estimate the maintainability of a software

Duration : 3 months


Quality analyst for AXA

Technical environment : TypeScript / React / React Native

Context : Code audit of a React / React Native app developed by a provider of AXA

Role : Quality analyst

Workforce : 3 developers

Duration : 3 months

Lead Dev.

Lead Developer for Airbus Helicopters

Technical environment :Angular 8

Context : Development of a webapp in the context of a digitalisation process of the analysis of the wear of helicopters parts

Role : Technical. Lead (frontend team) and database modeling

Workforce : 6 frontend developers and 9 backend developers

Duration : 1 year


Developer for Sanofi

Technical environment : React Native

Context : Development of a mobile app for clinical trials

Workforce : 1 frontend developer and 2 backend developers

Duration : 3 months

Lead Dev.

Lead Developer for BSWEB

Technical Environment: MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular 2, NodeJs)

Context: Development of a data-mining webapp

Workforce: 4 developers

Duration: 18 months

Academic career


DEA in geometric algebra (Master 2) - Université Montpellier II

DEA of Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics, algebra speciality.


CAPES of Mathematics (National certification)

My hobbies

We get tired of everything, except to learn - Virgil


From general relativity to quantum mechanics, going through the string theory, the universe is full of surprises !


Studying the major challenges of the contemporary world allows us to better understand the decisions of the major institutional or private players on a global scale.

History of religions

I am passionate about the history of the early days of monotheism, be it Christianity, Judaism or the cult of Aten in ancient Egypt.


What are the main economic levers on which States can still rely to make society evolve? A vast question that may be worth dwelling on.

Political philosophy

From Greek philosophers such as Plato or Aristotle to modern thinkers such as Antonio Gramsci, Karl Marx or Adam Smith, each of them allows us to better understand the world as it really is.

Video games

Yes, I have to rest my mind from time to time... And can you really be a good developer without being a fan of video games?

Foreign languages

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse - Charles Quint


B1 level (Good)


A1 level (Beginner)



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Gilles FABRE